About Samalix

Hola! My name is Samalix García and it is my God given blessing and privilege to be a servant of this house since 2014. When I’m not leading worship, you can find me helping wherever there is a need.  I was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Buffalo at the age of 4.  From that early age, my family belonged to a Hispanic church in Buffalo’s west side.  After giving my life to the Lord at age 12, my life has never been the same!  I served at the church in Buffalo in various roles during my 40 years there.  My professional journey before God called me to the Fair Havens included working in the medical, legal, educational, and research fields. 

My life’s mission is to be an offering of praise unto the Lord and a credible witness whose every action is purpose filled and God ordained.  I am passionate about growing my relationship with God and moving to the rhythm of His heart and lead.  I absolutely love the thrill of discovering treasure every time I dig into God’s Word! I believe true worship is the delightful response of a spirit that is in awe of God’s presence, a soul overwhelmed by His love, a heart impacted by the revelation of God’s truth, and a life transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Along with salvation, some of my greatest blessings and treasures are to be the wife of my soulmate Wilfredo, mother of three fun loving children and grandmother to five bundles of joy. 

Fun Facts: I love to travel, explore new places, cultures, foods, architecture, and interior design. I am not one who believes the cup is half full or empty – I believe it is as full as it needs to be.  I thank God for leading me to still waters where I’ve learned to “just be” and enjoy the still quiet moments in life.  Thank you for taking a moment to get to know a little about me.  I’d love to get to know you as well!  Feel free to introduce yourself and say hello next time you’re in church or send me an email – samalixgarcia@thefairhavenschurch.org

Serving and loving it!